Brand Advantage

SELECO was established in 1990, have more than 26 years experience in manufacturing decoration hardware field, and has gradually shape “SELECO” a more prominent brand, which was granted as “China Top 10 Hardware Brand”  “Guangdong Province Famous Trademark” and “The Leader Brand of Hardware File”.


Up to now, SELECO have more than 200 Chain Store all over China and enjoys very high of brand reputation inland and oversea market.

Technical Advantage

SELECO pay high attention to the research and develop new products and technologies. We have built up our technology department more than 15 years and have our owner Specialized Mechanical Inspection center and Physical & Chemical Experiment center, untill right now we have more than 3 invention patents,7utility patent and more than 154 design patents, and we are the member of the board of directors of Guangzhou Design Industry Association.

Products Advantage

All SELECO products, according to professional creative design, selection of the best quality raw material and accessories, using the most sophisticated equipment, all process excellence, which in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 international quality management system and the highest industry standards for production and manufacturing. It is SELECO consistently high adherence that creates a superior product quality and brand value. Products have ISO9001,American FCC,EU CE Certification, and etc

Service Advantage

SELECO not only to provides excellent products to customers, but also with better quality services. With the development in the course of 26 years, SELECO have established a perfect after-sales service system and has a group of dedicated and professional customer service personnel. In addition to the headquarters built a strong customer service team, at the same time, it has built more than 200 chain stores as sales and service outlets, covering over 70% of prefecture-level cities, realizing seamless services and providing customers with the highest quality and quickest service.

SELECO always believe that after-sales service embodies a company's cultural cultivation, overall image and overall quality. Only by serving customers in good faith and professionally, can the long-term vitality of the company be obtained. Winning the recognition of customers is the fundamental value of the brand's forever spread. Acquiring customers' satisfaction is the biggest driving force behind SELECO.

Production Advantage

With the continuous expansion of SELECO's business, the company has three professional hardware production bases now, with advanced equipment and stable production (Nanhai Factory, Shunde Factory, Zhaoqing Engineering); SELECO' production base has its own production based on more than 21 years of practical experience. The management system, through the improvement of grinding, electroplating, surface treatment and other core technologies, and strict requirements of manufacturing processes, to achieve the unprecedented high quality we are pursuing.

Logistics Advantage

SELECO has a professional and efficient logistics management team and has established a complete warehousing management system. ERP information management is used in all aspects of product warehousing management, film storage management, order exit management, and logistics distribution management. According to the customer's order requirements, a number of classification, coding, distribution and distribution are carried out to achieve efficient delivery and real-time control of goods, simplify the logistics distribution process, improve work efficiency, reduce logistics costs for enterprises and business users, and increase profit margins.

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