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Celebrate the National Day, happy with the barbecue

Celebrate the National Day, happy with the barbecue


On the afternoon of October 8th, all the staff of SELECO carried out the “Happy National Day, Happy and Friendly” barbecue event in the factory playground. Everyone has a clear division of labor, and the fire that makes the fire, the food that divides the dishes, will be ready for work in a short time.

Everyone put the ingredients on the iron frame, brushed the oil, sprinkled the spices, and began to turn over the grill. After a while, the scent of the scent came out, and a string of delicious ingredients was processed.

Everyone was talking and laughing in front of the stove, sharing their labor results and barbecue experience, and the whole scene was fun.

Through this barbecue event, everyone relaxed their body and mind and eased the pressure brought by work and life. Everyone in the process of gardening and barbecue increased their feelings, strengthened communication and enhanced the cohesiveness of the company. I believe that in the future work, SELECO Employees will devote themselves to their jobs with a fuller enthusiasm, and contribute their strength to the flourishing development of the company!

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