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Organize employees to conduct product knowledge training

Organize employees to conduct product knowledge training


In order to increase the professional knowledge of staff, promote the development of the company and create an efficient team. On the 30th of the Jun, SELECO company organized employees to conduct product knowledge training.

This training was taught by Mr. Lai, the chief technical consultant of our company. It mainly explained and demonstrated the  products,the working principle and usage of the double direction soft closing sliding door hardware sytem. At the same time, Mr Guo who is the quality control department manager, gave a detailed report on product quality and details.

 The training content relates to the SELECO background, all kinds products main features, application scope, and the advantages and disadvantages of other products in the industry. In the future, the company will also organise relevant product knowledge training from time to time to provide a platform for more employees to communicate and learn.


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