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SELECO launches ERP10 to increase operations intelligence

SELECO launches ERP10 to increase operations intelligence


As early as 2009, SELECO began to use the ERP easy-to-assistance system. Because the company has continued to develop over this years, it has once again upgraded to the E10 management platform. This is not only a sign of SELECO's growth and development, but also a path to explore information transformation and enterprise transformation and upgrading.

A the start of the E10 system meeting at Mar.05,2018, the general manager of SELECO said:
"ERP is an important management means for enterprise. It involves various aspects such as factory supply and sales, finance, and administration. It can be said that it is an indispensable software for the entire company to operate. Today, it is the development stage of high-speed take-off of SELECO. We look forward to the intelligent operation of the company's overall operations, so as to provide our customers at home and abroad with more efficient services. ”

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