Product Details

1.Damping cylinder plate protection shell: increase the strength is not easy to deformation, improve the service life of the damper. 
2.Zinc alloy body: The main part is made of zinc alloy die-casting, which has stronger strength. Good corrosion resistance 
3.High-precision high-quality ball bearings: Low coefficient of friction improves smoothness. 
4.High-strength POM roller: With high toughness and elasticity, mute shock absorption, strong wear resistance, anti-stickiness, thermal expansion and contraction

5. Double directional Damping Slider Double directional soft close through Slider
6. Horizontal Bar Damper Sealed oil damping cylinder assembly,Ensure 100,000 opening and closing
7. Spring Built-in stiffened spring,Test 4,000,000 without damage

Soft-Clsoing and Soft-Opening SB-19A9 door weight up to 80kg 

T1.The SB-19A9 is a versatile and easy to install soft closing glass sliding door hardware set ideally suited for application where the installation of a sliding glass door is not structurally possible or not cost effective. Possible applications include closets, storage rooms or anywhere space is limited and door middle mounted sliding door will suit.

Company Profile

SELECO was established in 1990, have more than 26 years experience in manufacturing decoration hardware field, and has gradually shape “SELECO” a more prominent brand, which was granted as “China Top 10 Hardware Brand”  “Guangdong Province Famous Trademark” and “The Leader Brand of Hardware File”.


SELECO pay high attention to the research and develop new products and technologies. We have built up our technology department more than 15 years and have our owner Specialized Mechanical Inspection center and Physical & Chemical Experiment center, untill right now we have more than 3 invention patents,7utility patent and more than 154 design patents, and we are the member of the board of directors of Guangzhou Design Industry Association.


Factory Views

We are professional manufacturer of door hardware

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